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When Alyson joined RH over two years ago, you could see it in her eyes that she was determined to only see success in her health and fitness and nothing less than that!

When you think of the common phrase “it’s never too late to start” this is the perfect scenario for her as she has never stepped foot into a gym up until now. A blank canvas from right from the beginning – she started to learn the fundamentals of lifting weights and understanding that she needed to make a few changes with her lifestyle outside of the gym. And to add icing on the cake she’s lost a total of 9KG up until now and is wanting to lose a few more this year!

Week in week out we have been lucky enough to watch Alyson grow into a happy and stronger human being. She can perform compound movements, push, pull and core variations.

She has created a new way of life which involves:

  • 8,000 steps/daily
  • 1x additional workout from home
  • reduce alcohol intake by doing alcohol free days
  • devoting her life to boxing

Which leads us to a few words on what her trainer Tony thinks of Alyson

“I’m just so proud of what you have achieved since you started at RH – I know i can say this but you are damn proud to be identified as the boxing queen at Rushcutters Health – I honestly don’t even remember how we transitioned to boxing but we both can see how much fulfillment boxing brings to your life and i’m just fortunate that i can be the one to facilitate this service to you.

You’ve worked super hard to get to where you are and now you have made it to the wall of FAME!”

Congratulations Alyson!

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