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Alex Trevallion

Client of the month

Alex Trevallion

Alex texted me on the 25th of July asking if it’s possible to be under 90kg by the end of september.

At this point we need to say that Alex has zero problem with training hard. You could say that training hard is easy for Alex. Since the covid lockdown Alex had done a good job already losing a few Kgs but we were in a yoyo phase of weight loss. On a weekly basis we could fluctuate anywhere between highs of 102kg to lows of 98kg

Being a good looking rooster with a healthy social circle, decisions and life outside the gym needed to change if we were going to hit his goal.

We sat down and mapped out a plan and had agreed that 2 social dinners were staying in the diary. Everything else is 100% on plan until September 30.

  • We kept it simple and agreed on a small calorie deficit
  • Recorded what we ate
  • Zero sugar and alcohol
  • 5 exercise sessions per week

Alex’s attitude throughout the 9 weeks was nothing but positive and inspiring and his energy whilst in the process was contagious. He truly earnt his result weighing in on 30th of september at 85.9kg

2 months on and still sitting below the desired 90kg. Alex has made significant healthy changes to his lifestyle whilst not totally neglecting his social life.

We are all very proud of your effort and commitment. The changes and sacrifices you made and continue to implement are inspiring and it’s a privilege to work alongside someone so humble.
Well done Alex.

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