Client of the month

4in4 Champs

Combined acknowledgement for the best 4 results and program compliance in our August 4in4 program. The program focuses on compliance in: eating a clean food diet to the right amounts prescribed per individual for a slight caloric deficit, abstaining from alcohol consumption, achieving a minimum of 10000 steps per day, training a minimum of 5 times weekly, keep a food diary and following the 4 weekly phases of the program.

Flip lost a massive 5kg of body weight and 25cm in girth’s. Anna also deserves massive acknowledgement. She wasn’t very eager to officially do the 4in4 but in the last four weeks has lost 3 kg of body weight from adopting healthy habits such as lowering alcohol consumption, making a conscious effort to walk more every day and eat to a calorie deficit and supporting her team mate who she trains with.

Hannah Eden what a quality result. Hannah trained each week 5 times. She lost total 4.6 kg and 19 cm on her girth measurements. Extremely proud for her for terrific program compliance.

Massive result from Scott Young-  Starting weight 92.3kg End weight 82.9kg, 9.4kg weight loss. Chest 97cm to 93cm Waist 91cm to 85cm Hips 106cm to 99cm .17cm measurement loss. Stoked for you Scott.

Awesome effort from Dave during 4 in 4. Losing an impressive 8.1kg going from 99.4kg to 91.3. A total of 19cm lost through the chest waist and hips also. Really dedicated and consistent effort. Well done legend.