Client of the month

4in4 Champs

Massive well done to Max who lost 7kg on 4in4 (now down a total of 17kg since starting at RH). Max gave up alcohol for the first time in his adult life and focused on eating only off the approved foods list. It was a super inspiring effort to see someone willing to still change his habits at the age of 70 to achieve a better quality of life. Max had also just had both knees replaced but never used that as an excuse to turn up and do what he could in the gym. A definite RH legend

Unlucky for some, but 13 was the magic number for Ben (lost 6kg) and Ric (lost 7kg). There was no shortcuts or secret formula. They both added a little more exercise to the weekly schedule while giving up alcohol, which made all the difference on the scales. Sean and the team are very proud of their compliance and ability to stay true to the program. Great work lads!

Amelia completed her first 4 in 4 program losing 5.9kg, as well as a combined total loss of 17.8cm from her chest, waist, hips and legs; smashing her 12 week goal in these 4 weeks.  Her dedication to the program, an increase in exercise and general movement and tracking her food have been key. Well done Amelia!

Jessica Luboski completed her first 4 in 4 – Jess had previously shown little interest in losing weight and nutritional accountability but on the back of the success of her November fitness challenge she said ‘sign me up’. Jess weighed in at 68.1kgs which came as a shock to her, the gain subtle and over time. Jess lost 5.2kgs. She now weighs 62.9kgs and we shared another proud moment.  Jess will continue with this process for another 3 weeks – a blushing bride to be. Congratulations and all the best for a bright and happy future Jess. xxx