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6 Tips to help you stay motivated on your fitness goals


6 Tips to help you stay motivated on your fitness goals

Fitness is a very important aspect in keeping your body and mind healthy, and it is especially important during lockdown. Now we’ve all been there, when motivation starts to slip and your urge to train quickly goes away. Below we are going to go through some simple tips to help you keep your motivation high and keeping you on track to reaching your fitness goals.

Waking up early

Waking up early and starting your day off on the right foot sounds simple and easy to do, but a lot of people get this wrong. Just waking up early and being productive in the morning can dictate for a lot of people on how productive they are throughout the whole day.

Plan your day/ To do list

Planning out your day and knowing what needs to get done by making yourself a to do list is going to be beneficial for anyone to start doing, this is a good general lifestyle tip, but this especially applies to you if you’re finding it hard to maintain motivation. If that’s you then start making a to do list and if you already are make sure you add your workout to the list and by doing this everyday it can help you stay accountable.

Keep to your plan

Keeping to your plan sounds very straight forward but that isn’t always the case. A simple tip that I can give you to stay on track with your plans throughout the day is to set yourself up for success. What I mean by that is to plan out your day in a way so that you don’t overflow yourself with things to do and it will be easy for you to achieve.

Switching it up

Switching up your routine by in cooperating a different exercise or even doing something completely different like swimming instead of running can keep things fresh and fun. If you find yourself waking up and dragging yourself to the gym then that’s probably a good sign that you want to do something different, so keep this tip in mind if you starting to feel unmotivated.

Making it fun and social

If you’re really finding it hard to find you groove while training then maybe consider working out with a friend or even better a group of friends! That way you can treat your workout not as a negative thing but as a positive, fun and social thing that you can do and experience with your friends.

Don’t burn yourself out

This is probably the most important tip that I can give when staying motivated and that is to not burn yourself out. Like I said early on “you want to set yourself up for success” so make sure you don’t overflow yourself with things to do throughout that day, especially if you aren’t used to do it, because that can make it hard for you to achieve all your goals for the day. Start off slow and over time once you learn to become more productive, slowly add in more things that you want to get done.


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