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5 ways to achieve your fitness goals FASTER!


5 ways to achieve your fitness goals FASTER!

Now more than ever, it is important that you continue to stay active and healthy for both your physical and mental health. Here are top 5 tips that will help you reach your fitness goals and be the happiest, healthiest you.

1.Water intake

In terms of building muscle or losing fat people usually only think about their diet, and forget about the amount of water that they are drinking throughout the day. Insufficient water intake throughout the day can reduce your performance while training, which in turn will affect the amount of stimulus your muscles get during the workout. Drinking more water can also aid in fat loss because it will take up more volume in your stomach which will aid in satiating your appetite.

2. Sleep

Sleep is extremely important and a lot of people don’t get enough sleep from a day to day basis. Having sufficient sleep can help improve your mood and energy levels. Multiple studies point to a positive correlation between sleep and healthy body weight, where a lack of sleep may lead to metabolic disorders, increase in weight and other chronic health conditions.


Protein is crucial in any type of body composition goal, whether that means building muscle or losing fat. There are many studies that prove that protein helps reduces the amount of Ghrelin (hunger hormone) that releases in your body which helps people feel fuller for longer. Protein is also the basic build blocks for maintaining or building muscle, and studies have shown that a high protein diet has great benefits for losing weight and metabolic health.

4. Counting Calories

Counting your calories seems straight forward but a lot of people neglect doing it because the task can seem quite daunting and can take up a lot of time. If you get in the routine of counting your calories, you can take all the guess work out of it and you can more easily focus on working towards your body composition goals. Counting calories helps you easily monitor what you eat each day and also helps identify any eating patterns that you may need change in order to reach your fitness goals.

5. Consistency

This next point is the most important and straight forward tip that I can give you, not in only your body composition goals but also with any goal in life. This applies with every single tip mentioned above and that is consistency is the key. You might not always reach your goal within the set amount of time that you expected, but if your just consistent there isn’t going to be anything that will stop you from reaching your goal in the future.

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