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5 Things to Remember when Exercising if you get Covid-19


5 Things to Remember when Exercising if you get Covid-19

If you used to exercise regularly before being sick with Covid-19, then you must be itching to get back to working out.  But before going back into the grind, it is critical that you get ready to make sure you do things right.

So how do you make sure you keep safe when you go back to the gym?  Here are five important things that you need to keep in mind.

  1. Consult your doctor before going back to the gym.
    If you experienced chest pain or shortness of breath while you were sick, it’s best to see your doctor before going back to training.  Athletes will be able to go back into their routine seven days after the symptoms cease, but others may have to take a few minutes to sit and catch their breath.  If you experienced any cardiac complications are recommended to wait about three to six months before hitting the gym again.
  2. Start slowly in stages.
    When jumping back in, start with activities with light intensity such as yoga, gentle walking, or light strength training for not more than 30 minutes.  Journal on how you feel before and after each activity and take note of anything that seems unusual.  You can increase the duration and intensity in two weeks if you feel good after doing the light activities.
  3. Backing off is OK!
    Stop any time you feel strained.  Drop down a level until you feel confident to go back up again.  No pain, no gain does not apply when you just recovered from Covid-19.  Watch out for chest pain, nausea, palpitations, and shortness of breath.
  4. Don’t go beyond your comfort level.
    Go slower when you think it’s necessary and do not force yourself.  You have to understand that your performance capability decreases when you take a break from working out.
  5. Give your body what it needs.
    Keep yourself hydrated before, during, and after any activity.  Make sure to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep.  Listen to your body.
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