3 reasons you struggle to Build Big Shoulders and How to fix it!


3 reasons you struggle to Build Big Shoulders and How to fix it!

If you are aiming to get big delts but having a hard time getting your shoulders to become wider and thicker, we are here to help!

Here are the top 3 reasons why people fail to develop their shoulders and what you should be doing instead.

Flaw 1 – Resistance Profiles

One reason why you aren’t seeing that much result is because you might be using only one resistance profile and just relying on the go-to lateral raise. In order to see more growth, also do routines with an opposite resistance profile, which has more difficulty at the bottom and become easier at the top.

You can try to do a one-handed lateral raise by grabbing a cable or resistance band. If you are using dumbbells, you can perform a lean-in lateral raise that stimulates the delts through the manipulation of your body position OR a momentum lateral raise which provides resistance with the use of momentum as you raise the weights to the top.

Flaw 2- Technique

You shouldn’t place your arms directly to your side, but rather move it to the scapular plane, or 20-30 degrees out from your torso. Lean slightly forward to activate the side delt even more.

Your hand position also has a lot to do with it. Make sure to keep your hands flat and keep your thumbs a little higher that your pinkies.

Also, push your hands out when you lift instead of just lifting them. If you are just lifting up, you will end up just activating your traps and not maximize side delt growth.

Flaw 3 – Progression

You might see that reps will be harder when you move up to a higher weight when doing lateral raises. Once you find a weight that you are comfortable with, focus on doing more reps instead of going a weight higher.


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