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10 TIPS to creating a successful environment for FATLOSS!


10 TIPS to creating a successful environment for FATLOSS!

Choosing the appropriate environment when trying to attain your health and fitness goals is absolutely priceless. This is why we at Rushcutters Health have listed 10 tweaks you can do right away that will prove to be monumental for your well-being in the long run. Don’t thank us just yet, we owe it to you to share our expertise and knowledge in the fitness/health and wellness industry, so that you can reach your full potential. Go over every single step thoroughly and ensure that the necessary adjustments are made accordingly.

1. Remove one “trigger” item from your kitchen.

Trigger items are the foods, or snacks you love and always indulge in. But here’s the catch. Consuming such foods will trigger you in a way that will make you unable to resist other foods as well. In other words, you will binge and overeat. It’s a downwards spiral from there folks.


It is not worth it. We’ve all felt this horrible feeling before. You know what I’m speaking about, it’s the feeling of guilt and regret. Indeed, what you’re having might be scrumptious, but the after-effects will be detrimental to your mood and health. If you really intend on committing to a healthier lifestyle, you should start off by removing just one trigger item from your kitchen as a start. By doing so, you’re already leaps and bounds ahead of the old version of yourself. Make sure that you do not replace this item by something just as bad.

2. Keep dumbbells and resistance bands at home.

Finding time to train and getting your body moving daily will put you in a much-needed fat-burning state. This is why it is extremely important that you at least have some basic gym equipment for you to train with. For instance, even having light dumbbells and resistance bands will give you a great high-volume workout. Do not underestimate the lighter weights. The objective here is to guarantee that you will train every single day without giving yourself any sort of excuse like: “I don’t feel like going to the gym after work.”


3. Serve smaller dishes.

A study conducted by the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research shows that actually halving the size of the dishes, plates and bowls you have at home will reduce the amount of food you consume by 30% on average. Opting for smaller sized dishes will make you want to serve yourself less. This means that you will end up eating less food. I guess it’s time to go dinnerware-shopping.

4. Keep healthy snacks around and move your TV to a room you don’t use much.

Things have changed a lot over the past century, and today most of us typically work from an office. The environment of the place you work in is equally as important as the environment of the home you live in. This is why it’s a clever idea to keep healthy snacks in your desk drawer to avoid the munchies. Having mixed nuts, berries, almonds and your protein shake will energize you and give you that essential boost. Besides that, you should seriously consider moving your TV to a room you barely use. Chances are that the hours you spend watching TV will plummet because you just don’t feel used to the new area, or you feel it’s too inconvenient to spend most of your time there. Do whatever you can to stop yourself from laying on the couch and indulging in your favourite snacks!

5. Put “red light” foods in a hard-to-reach place and sign up for CSA box.

Red light foods are a big no-no. In addition to having low nutritional value, they are also high in fat and sugar. Stock these foods in the highest kitchen cupboards you have. Put these snacks over your fridge. Even throw them out if need be. CSA (community supported agriculture program) is your best-bet if you want fresh seasonal produce delivered each week straight to your doorstep. This is a phenomenal way for you to make sure that you’re getting the greens your body so desperately needs.

6.  Kitchen cleanout and restock once a month.

You should put time into doing a full kitchen cleanout, since that will give you the opportunity to throw out some of the snacks that have been tempting you. This will surely give you a fresh start to your new journey. Restocking once a month will also allow you to plan and schedule your meals. You’ll know exactly what you have in your fridge. Hence, you’ll avoid ordering unhealthy food.

7. Get a dog that needs walking and spend time with friends who eat healthy.

Walking your dog will help you lose weight in no-time. If you don’t own a dog, just walk the dogs of your neighbours. Not only will that be an active exercise for you to recover and shed weight, it will also be an enjoyable experience. You can do so with other friends who are on board the ship of having a healthy lifestyle. Remember always, the closest friends you have are the ones that affect and influence you the most. If you’re around healthy people, odds are that you will turn out to be a healthy person as well.

8. Meal prep each week; organize social activities around sports.

Preparing your meals ahead of the start of your week will lift a heavy burden off your shoulders. You will have clarity regarding what you will be eating, thus decreasing the probability of messing up. Another clever idea for you to get moving would be to engage in social activities that are built around sports. Furthermore, this will this be fun for you and will be much different from what you usually do with your friends.

9. Give up your car for a bike; get a treadmill desk at work; subscribe for a meal delivery service.

Go fully eco-friendly by selling your car and getting a bike. That way you’ll stay active all the time. Also, consider getting a treadmill desk at work. This will also allow you to stay active, whilst actually getting work done. Moreover, if you don’t have time to cook and prepare your meals beforehand, you can easily subscribe to a meal delivery service that will save you ample time and effort. There are so many ways to stick to a healthy lifestyle, you just have to pick and choose what suits your situation.

10. Live at a wellness retreat; work with a private chef for meal preparation; invest in a state-of-the-art home gym.

Living in a wellness retreat will enrich you with the necessary knowledge and instil in you the healthy habits you need to succeed. Usually healthy foods get a bad rep. They are considered not tasty in general. A private chef will make you premium healthy meals that will be absolutely delicious. Finally, investing in a gym of your own is never a bad idea. The COVID crisis showed us how different facets of our lives can be easily obstructed. This is why investing in a state-of-the-art home gym is a clever idea if you can afford it.

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